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    Closed JSC Transmost:

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    tel.: +38(0372) 58-54-02,
    tel./fax: +38(0372) 58-44-16


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    Kyiv, Staronavodnytska str.,6B

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    About company

    The company was established in 1991 in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, on the basis of the structural unit of the trust  Mostobud-9, which was under the authority of the Ministry of Transport Construction of the USSR. Mostobud-9 took part in the construction of the Baikal-Amur Mainline in Siberia.
    Shortly after, due to an uncompromising quality of work, an increased range of applied technologies, and a high professionalism of experts, this small company transformed into a powerful construction company, the Closed Joint Stock Company Transmost. 

    Zagorovskiy Nikolai Ivanovich is the General Director of Transmost. An entrepreneur, he not only established this company but also supervises all construction issues, financial matters and is the person responsible for introducing many different innovative, advanced technologies within the company.
    CJSC Transmosts large success in today's construction market is due in part thanks to the implementation of a that  large spectrum of activities accompanies the construction process. In particular, CJSC Transmost is engaged in the designing and constructing of bridges, viaducts, foundations (for industrial and civil purpose), underpasses, culverts, anti-landslide structures, retaining walls, hydraulic engineering, regulatory and protective facilities, ports, jetties and objects of industrial-technical purposes. Transmost is also capable of constructing deep foundations using piles and it can do this in any of the hydrogeological conditions found in the different regions of Ukraine.

    View video presentation of CJSC Transmost ( transmost.avi, 23,7 Mb)


    Transmost has a competitive positioning on the Ukrainian construction market and has opened seven divisions across the country:


    Transmost constantly updates its technical foundations with new technologies in the field of design, construction and reconstruction of engineering structures. This is what sets it apart from its competitors and has allowed it to withstand fierce competition in today's market and fulfill its mission - constructing bridges, overpasses and foundations.
    CJSC Transmosts workforce includes over 1,300 professionally-trained technicians, and more than 200 engineering and technical personnel capable of independently resolving design issues, and the construction and reconstruction of engineering structures. One of Transmosts main characteristics is its high mobility, i.e. the ability for a rapid deployment to the construction sites and their relocation to any geographic region.

    In 1996, CJSC Transmost used, for the first time in Ukraine, the method of secant piles with 1 m in diameter to a depth of 36 m while working on the construction of the Kiev Metro lines. Since this period, CJSC Transmost has implemented a number of unique building projects. Some of the more prestigious projects which were executed by Transmost are: the construction of the foundation (bored piles) for the Monument on the Independence Square in Kiev; the foundation of the edifice of the Supreme Commercial Court of Ukraine in Kiev; the foundation for the department store "Ukraine" in Kiev; the foundation for the Kiev railway station, the construction of antilandslide facilities along the Black Sea coast in Ai-Danil, Crimea.

    Moreover, CJSC "Transmost" has the capacity to apply a unique construction technology thanks to their universal drilling rigs from the company Bauer. This technology is mainly used for the construction of bored pies (Kelly drilling system), augercast piles (CFA drilling system) and Full displacement piles (FDP).

    In addition, the company also owns a unique technology for jet grouting soil: "jet grouting". This is used in the regeneration of foundations near existing buildings and also in the construction of retaining walls to enhance the stability of slopes and embankments in mountainous conditions. This savoir faire is possible thanks to the purchase of SOILMECs rotary drilling rig SM-401. 
    Transmost boasts of considerable experience in the construction of artificial structures under the complex hydrogeological conditions of the Carpathians, an area prone to landslides.

    Transmost, in the shortest amount of time, built a number of new road facilities and restored the damage caused to the original road facilities of the Transcarpathian region by the floods of 1998-2000.

    The company has mastered the construction of bridges of reinforced concrete purlin structures. This provides them with the ability to quickly build facilities in remote areas of the Carpathians. For example, on the Mukachevo-Lviv highway, there are elevated bridge crossings built with metal beams of 33 meters in length.

    Sweden's unique construction technology of transport tunnels of prefabricated corrugated metal elements was first applied in Ukraine by Transmost in 2003. Transmost used this technology in order to complete the construction of three buildings on the Sevastopol - Airport Belbek road. Through the use of corrugated elements, construction can begin at any time of the year and can be implemented in the shortest possible time.


    When reconstructing the bridge over the Avunda river (on the Simferopol-Yalta road) CJSC Transmost used materials from the notorious companies Gemite, Staheme and Sika, as well as equipment from the Swedish company Tremix.


    The company has taken a unique direction on the development of bridges and viaducts of reinforced concrete. Transmost has constructed two overpasses of distinctive design, namely: the tunnel underpass with a 24 m long beam purlin monolithic structure on the Kiev-Odessa highway and the highway overpass with arched spans of 24 m on the bypass road which encircles the city of Chernivtsi. In the construction of these overpasses different materials were used:  Doka" (a modern modular formwork), a Putsmaister concrete pump, and different technologies originating from the company Tremix. On the Tatarov - Kolomiya - K. Podolsky road a bridge was erected using experimental, lightweight construction materials built from one steel span. This reinforced concrete bridge spans the length of 163,6 m. Among the advanced technologies which were used : the creation of a waterproof  protection used to shield the metal surfaces from corrosion of the span, the creation of flexible stops on the span, and the use of contraction joints from the Italian company Alga.
    With a fleet of drilling equipment and technology from the company Bauer, CJSC Transmost has an invaluable position on the construction market in Kiev and in the Crimea region. This allows CJSC Transmost to arrange the foundations on bored piles (which are being built under the protection of casing), augercast (CFA) piles, and also on the full displacement piles for the multi-residential and civil buildings, slip centers, rest homes and much more. 
    On 2a B. Zhitomirskaya Street in Kiev, CJSC Transmost conducted the construction of a 10-story office and hotel complex, with accommodation in its three-level underground parking for cars. The depth of the trench was 13 m; its development was carried out one level at a time. In developing the pit, CJSC Transmost used the latest technologies: arranged the bored piles as the pit fence, strengthened the ground with reinforced concrete by applying a water / cement mortar under high pressure with the help of the Putsmaister concrete pump; and installed the injection anchors produced by the German company ISCHEBECK. The hollow core anchors TITAN, which are used by CJSC Transmost, are 2-3 times stiffer than the cable under the same loads and cause less ground motion. Installation of hollow core anchors reduces the possible project in the three-fold compared with the installation of cable anchors.

    CJSC Transmost possesses its own production base, which has factories for the production of reinforced concrete structures which are located in Chernovtsy and in Solotvino in the Transcarpathian region and  have an annual capacity of 25 thousand cubic meters of precast concrete. The company also produces its own road slabs PS-1, outline blocks IB-1, BS-4, OP-2, BSHP-0, 5, T-beam spans with a length of 18, 21, 24 and 33 m. Also the company has started the production of residential and administrative vans, equipped with everything necessary for the comfortable housing of workers on site during construction.



    Recently CJSC Transmost successfully accomplished:


    • the reconstruction and lengthening of the pier 20 in Sevastopol, with a depth of 17 m, was created by piledriving sheet piles with the help of a Muller Vibratory pile.
    • A bridge with the use of the experimental, lightweight construction materials built from one steel span was erected on the Tatarov - Kolomiya - K. Podolsky road. This reinforced concrete bridge spans the length of 163,6 m.
    • The construction of retaining walls in the Transcarpathian and Ivano-Frankovsk regions.
    • The construction of a bypass road: Chagor-Molodiya (in hernivtsy region).

    A one piece frame type bridge is being constructed with the use of the reinforced concrete beams that are manufactured on the companys own base.
    Currently, CJSC Transmost owns the technology and equipment for creating the bored piles, augercast (CFA) piles, anchors and diaphragm walls as well as strengthening the foundations with the use of Jet grouting technology: the Muller Vibratory pile and hydraulic hammer, which were purchased for construction in ports.  The company also possesses other modern construction techniques and technologies.




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