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    Closed JSC Transmost:

    Chernivtsi, Gagarin str., 4,
    tel.: +38(0372) 58-54-02,
    tel./fax: +38(0372) 58-44-16


    Branch Transmost-Kyiv:
    Kyiv, Staronavodnytska str.,6B

    tel./fax: +38(044) 220-18-35



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    News and Events The opening of new construction sites
    The opening of new construction sites


    - Reinforced concrete bridge through Stryj on the motorway of Skhidnica-Verkhnee Sinevidnoe, km 12+730, km 12+870

    - Building of bridge through Bystrica Solotvinskaya (with.) on the motorway of state significance Stryi-Chernovtsy-Mamalyga (km 103+555).

       At building the newest technology of stream cementation of soils (jet grouting) was applied, having pre-eminences as compared to traditional technologies of the injection fixing of soils.



                      President of Ukraine V.Yuschenko visited on this object         

                      and personally familiarized with motion of building




    - Bridge transition through Fish-pond on the motorway of Tatarov-Kamyanets-Podol'skiy, km 77+397


    - Bridge transition through Fish-pond on the motorway of Snyatyn-Kosiv, km 28+750


    - Major repairs on the motorway of Krivorivnya-Chernovtsy, km 35+195 is a km 36+040


    - Building of bridge transition on the motorway of Yabluniv-Kosmach,

    km 1+037, km 1+600, km 13+100

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